Why You Need to Choose the Design from I.W.M.?
    High Price-Performance Ratio | Standard: EN 13923

The positioning is designed to be a product that is close in price to carbon steel but cheaper than stainless steel, with better functionality and durability than both.
    High-Impact Loading | 6bar, 10bar, 16bar

The entire expansion tank structure is composed of a one-piece blow-molded inner liner and a high-strength glass fiber wound pressure-bearing layer.
As a result of this, the complete expansion tank survives enormous deformations when exposed to high-impact loading.
   Potable Water Standard | WRAS

The inner part is called the “lining” and is made of recyclable HDPE by blow molding. Its main function is to store water and ensure the hygiene of direct drinking water, with low water absorption and can be applied at temperatures from -40C to +100°.
Moreover, the lining is chemically inert and resistant to most acids and alkalis.
    No Welds, No Rusted, No Leaks | One-Piece Molding

of whether it is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, it is unavoidable that damp moisture will cause the welds in the tank to be rusted; the more welded positions are, the easier it is to rust and cause damage to the tank.
In contrast, the tank designed by I.W.M. does not have any welds inside, and the one-piece liner which is made of HDPE, ensures that the water storage environment is always clean and pure.

    Installed on Top | Pre-Charged in Rubber Bladder

The rubber bladder is designed to be installed on the tank and pre-charged with pressure.
This design avoids many disadvantages of water filling in the rubber bladder:
1. Don't bother to replace the rubber bladder at the bottom, and when the tank's volume is large, it avoids the cumbersome situation that the rubber bladder needs to be fixed up and down.
2. Avoid damage caused by the rubber diaphragm being sucked and squeezed into the metal filter screen when the tank body replenishes water to the pipe network.
3. When the tank is filled with water, the rubber bladder is squeezed and smaller at the top. As a result, there is less contact between the water and the rubber, which ensures the water quality is clean and pure.

    Flexible Transport Loading | Detachable Tank Feet

In addition to the fact that the weight of the tank body is 
about 40% lighter than that of traditional metal expansion tanks, what is even more valuable is that the design of the detachable tank feet is more flexible and more quantities can be loaded in the same container.


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